Time Mutations (Buffalo)

is the second in a two-part series of exhibitions of new artworks collaboratively curated between the Media Art & Design Program at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Department of Media Study at SUNY Buffalo. The initiating exhibition took place in August of 2011 in Weimar, Germany.
The exhibition explores the concepts, challenges, and potentials of the “broken timeline” – the linear and apportioned perception of time that electronic communications, digital editing, and global travel continually dismantles. In each of these works the concept of time as linear or location as static is challenged, manipulated or collapsed, giving way to alternative experiences and constructions of time, space, and place. Uneasy navigations of technologically mediated time, in which the subject feels adrift between the shores of absolute and relative space-time, are particularly germane to an interaction between institutions separated by language, nationality, and time zones, but connected by a deep historical investment in experimental media practice.

About the artist labels:

This exhibition uses an expanded labeling system – each work in the gallery has a scan-able QR code on the informational label. Scanning these codes with your smartphone allows you to access additional information about the work and the artist. This additional information is different for every piece, but examples include images, video, links, and artist biographies.
All of the label content, information about Time Mutations related events and more can also be found on the exhibition website (without scanning anything) at

Artists include:

Ana Alenso (Germany/Venezuela)
Ulysses Atwhen (USA)
Katrina Boeming (USA)
Matthias Breuer (Germany)
Brian Clark (USA)
Laura Curry (USA)
Sofia Dona (Greece)
Jordan Geiger (USA)
Carrie Kaser (USA)
Jacob Kassay (USA)
Beom Kim (S. Korea)
Adam Laskowitz (USA)
Cayden Mak (USA)
Tommy Neuwirth (Germany)
Stephan Nolan (Germany/Ireland)
Angelica Piedrahita (USA/Columbia)
Scott Ries (USA)
Stephanie Rothenberg (USA)
Anna Scime (USA)
Tim Scaffidi (USA)
Gabriel Shalom (USA/Germany)
Mark Shepard (USA)
Neil Terry (USA)
Curated by Liz Flyntz and Max Neupert

Generous support provided by the SUNY Buffalo Graduate Student Association, Media Study GSA, Visual Studies GSA, Architecture GSA, the departments of Media Study, Architecture, and Visual Studies, and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.