Adam Laskowitz
Lingering Traces
memory foam, pressure sensors, arduino, speakers, processing program

This work continues a series of explorations which question the relationships between sound and touch. In the context of Time Mutations, the work attempts to establish a relationship between time, sound, and a form of interaction which encourages resting and lingering. The gallery's soundscape is periodically recorded and added to a pool of potential audio loops. As people interact with the work, a series of timers are enacted eventually dictating which loops are activated and which loops are ignored for the duration of the installation. In the form of an undulating floor surface, users are encouraged to lay, sleep, roll, and jump as they manipulate the overall soundscape composition. Samples that are recorded are saved chronologically while older samples are removed from the potential pool for the composition. This creates an ever evolving representation of the gallery's soundscape which is always lagging behind, leaving traces of what used to be.