Angelica Piedrahita Delgado
Web-based video

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Videored is the product of an investigation that seeks the development of a technological device on the internet that invites users to participate with short videos of no more than 15 seconds, that joined together build a video made of fragments as an exquisite corpse.

Beyond defining a true nature of video image, Videored intends to allocate video production and interpretation on individuals. Fragmenting, dissecting,connecting, framing, zooming, panning, borrowing and editing are practices that belong to a person that see how understand and understand how perceive. Video is a technological artifact and at the same time is a way to approach and act in front of and object, subject or topic. That is why this project, rather than concentrating its efforts on a technical machine builds its means in gatherings, workshops and communities. Allowing getting closer to other people through video production. Seeing these productions as presence of and author apparently absent but with a strong formal presence, revealing his eye, discourse and body operating the technological artifact.

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