Carrie Kaser
Daily Document (No. 1 - 7)
tracing paper, ink

“If we imagine one hand writing upon the surface of the Mystic Writing-Pad while another periodically raises its covering sheet from the wax slab, we shall have a concrete representation of the way in which I tried to picture the functioning of the perceptual apparatus of our mind.”

-Sigmund Freud, “A Note Upon the Mystic Writing Pad” (1925)

As technology all around us speeds up the transfer of information, people begin to look for a way out. In the Daily Document series (fig. 16), I turn to drawing as a way out. Drawing, at it’s most basic level, is evidence of the path traced by the hand. It absolutely is personal. It is related to the body. It does not need electricity, pixels, code, or typing. In Daily Document I traced the information from the screen of each website I visited. The drawings show not only the area of the single monitor frame, but the entire website, scrolling from top to bottom. Like a medieval monk transcribing texts, I set out to transcribe the websites I visited. These drawings represent my experience lived online, and function as a meditation, a way of taking pause.

The drawings are dense, detailed, and tedious. I can type faster than I can write, snap a photograph more quickly than sketch. This project is a reclamation of sorts, a futile attempt to bring my hand into my daily existence. The irony is that it is impossible to record my life this way. The time spent drawing quickly surpasses the time it takes to surf the internet, quickly jumping from one page to the next.