Laura Curry & Lori Dillon
The Agreement

“The Agreement” event page

The performance begins when artists Laura Curry and Lori Dillon meet with an audience member (“client”) to engage in a discussion about goals, unresolved issues, and possible problems for which the client seeks help. The artists also discuss ways in which they themselves pursue assistance from the client. Together, a plan is identified by which the artists support the client – and, potentially, how the client will support the artists. The Agreement is the result: a document which describes the support plan and time frame (which may range from 1 week to the duration of the Time Mutations exhibition) for completing the mutual commitments. Throughout the performance and consequent client engagements, the artists document their experiences and upload their findings to the media supported Time Mutations web site.

The Agreement has been conducted in Buffalo/NY, Portland/OR, Seattle/WA, Albuquerque/NM and in Kassel, Germany as part of Documenta 13. Curry + Dillon have been presenting work in theaters, store fronts, hotel rooms, in the streets, and over the Internet as a collaborative team since 2008. For more information, visit

Audience Testimonial: “Although I understand this project as art, I personally was aware that I was putting them under contract to "listen to me", a rather egocentric wish. But they offered help so I took them up on it. Laura and Lori have been truly sincere about being emotional conselors for me. This contract has been an unusual process, which I am very glad I entered into.”