Jordan Geiger
Day For Night
Inflatable lounge with live global A/V feeds

(Installation iterations: 1 - Commission of City of San Jose and Zero One Festival, California, 2008, 2 - Buffalo, NY)

Day for Night is a temporary architectural environment that operates on the life of its host city by inverting relations between time and place, local and global.

The installation meets the visitor with an inflatable structure whose skin is surrounded by sensors that responds to visitors’ presence with a live audio-video feed. This feed is sent constantly from sources in various time zones removed from the host city, perpetually dislocating visitors, giving a midday opportunity to occupy midnight and vice-versa; but at the price of leaving one's place and time. Together, these elements make up an interior space that synchronizes itself with conditions from around the planet, bringing what French author Paul Virilio has called “the light of another day.” We live with this sort of experience ever more casually today, but rarely examine its consequences or delights. What’s gained and lost? What do we not yet take advantage of? How do we inhabit architecture and cities differently from before?

The installation asks what our relations are between this specific place and locations more generic to us - whether we relate to them via tech support and labor outsourcing, financially, or culturally. Architecturally, Day for Night considers our time and place against the world surface as it has evolved since Virilio’s prophetic essay. Fabricated digitally, the project also revisits a California history (Ant Farm) of inflatable structures, how they were made, and the social scenarios that they fostered.

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