Beom Kim
Untitled (News)
1-channel video, 1 min 42 sec

In Beom Kim’s video work Untitled (News) a rather unusual newscast is presented in a TV set. Kim had edited together words sourced from numerous news items broadcast on a Korean news channel to make up a new narration. Several news anchors are edited together so the discontinuity of their appearance in clothing and hairstyle as well as the flickering informative image thumbnails of the covered news become preeminent. Instead of the serious news the announcers now speak of obvious vacuities, childish dreams and wild speculation. “Sooner or later it will be the time for meals and for sleep. And after some sound sleep, it already will be the next day.” The contrast of the setting and the content is already strong, cumulates when the moderator ponders about how he can make his hairstyle appear the same every day by remembering how he had looked the previous day standing in front of the mirror. The mundane philosophy is comical and yet poignant in its Zen-like simplicity.