Screening of short works
January 31
Screening Room 112 Center for the Arts

Works include: Matthias Breuer Reconstructing the Truth, 21:26 Two movies dealing about the question of what is real, The Matrix (1999) by the Wachowski brothers and World on a Wire (1973, orig. title Welt am Draht) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, are left to the electronic brain of a computer to create, with its countless circuits instructed by a programmer, a reality partly constructed partly real to explore reality and its constructed nature. The outcome is a formal critique of (mass) media's reality. Sofia Dona Twinning Towns: Leipzig – Detroit 2010 The idea of the project was based on the concept of town twinning (sister cities) whereby towns or cities in geographically and politically distinct areas are paired. The town twinning concept was applied in the cities of Leipzig and Detroit by focusing on the issue of shrinkage and abandonment. Three examples of that connection were realised. For the first connection a split video was created, with two trombonists playing in two abandoned swimming pools, one in Leipzig and one in Detroit, in a way that the music of both trombonists creates a composition. Gabriel Shalom wash choose peel chop rinse 2009 In the five movements which make up wash choose peel chop rinse, different stages of the process of making vegetable soup stock are examined in microcinematic detail. Rhythmic audiovisual compositions are revealed in the most mundane and subtle aspects of the preparation of various different vegetables. This video was premiered at the opening ceremony of Transmediale 2011, Berlin. Timothy Scaffidi Dynamism Of A Dog In A Wheelchair, 1:44 Dynamism of a Dog in a Wheelchair is a video homage to Giacomo Balla's 1912 painting Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash. Balla's painting is a prime example of the futurist movement's “dynamisms”, which attempts to show the action and motion of reality as constant and all at once.