Sofia Dona
Twinning Towns: Leipzig--Detroit

The idea of the project was based on the concept of town twinning (sister cities) whereby towns or cities in geographically and politically distinct areas are paired. The town twinning concept was applied in the cities of Leipzig and Detroit by focusing on the issue of shrinkage and abandonment. Three examples of that connection were realised. For the first connection a split video was created, with two trombonists playing in two abandoned swimming pools, one in Leipzig and one in Detroit, in a way that the music of both trombonists creates a composition. The Twinning Towns: Leipzig -Detroit project consists of different actions that could be seen as actual actions and symbolical actions. Actual actions can be considered moving from one city to another, transporting, installing, removing, playing music, being involved in the city's life, exploring, finding materials and cooperating with musicians, craftsmen and art initiatives. On the other hand the symbolic action is the twinning, the attempt to transform, through the exchange of materials, buildings of Leipzig into buildings of Detroit and the other way around, transforming in a way the one city into the other. Although the actual action, of the specific installations or events, is visible only to a limited audience (the passers buy, the people involved in the project, etc) the symbolic action aims to the larger image and idea of the twinning of two cities, a wider concept opened up to a lot of questions on what the twinning of towns could mean.